07 October 2007

Hell hole

Old Town Alexandria is a tourist hellhole. Discuss.

Well, actually there's nothing to discuss, is there?


Momentary Academic said...

I am so angry with tourists right now, I can't really do anything but agree.

Foilwoman said...

Old Town Alexandria, Georgetown, Baltimore's Inner Harbor, Fisherman's Wharf, Mall of America: Is there any difference other than geography? And how many Ann Taylor and Gap outlets does one nation need? And does the balloon animal guy get beamed from place to place just to annoy me?

cuff said...

MA: Do tell.

Foil: We successfully avoided the balloon guy this time. I don't know how we did it. However, we paid to go on the "ghost tour," which by the way is $10 per adult and $5 per kid, and got about two stories into the tour before our son decided it was too scary and we had to leave the tour...ugh.

I blame the Washington Post and their "weekend getaway" feature or whatever they call it.

Lonnie Bruner said...

There's an amazing cocktail lounge called PX. I've been there only once but that place alone is worth the drive down there.

Blue Dog Art said...

Now, now kids. I have loved Old Town since I moved here in 1990. I have worked on King St. for the last 11 years. Old Town is much more than the 100 block of King Street, which is where the tourists seem to flock.