06 October 2007

This weekend shall bring great college football action. I hope.

OK. Now I wanted to try my hand against the spread again, since I got whipped last week (I was 11-10 I believe), but I just don't have the time and I can't find a handy website to just show me the top 25 and the spread -- all the ones I'm finding are showing every stinking game in order of start time...I don't have the time to sift through it all. So here we go back to the win/loss picks again...

1. LSU v. #9 Florida. Close game, but LSU defense puts the clamps on Tebow.

2. USC v. Stanford. Look out Trees, because USC will whomp your asses.

3. Cal has a bye week.

4. Ohio State v. #23 Purdue. SHOCKER! Purdue upsets the Buckeyes.

5. Wisconsin v. Illinois. Wisconsin puts it together against Illinois.

6. South Florida v. Florida Atlantic. USF throws FAU into the sea.

7. Boston College v. Bowling Green. BC thumps BG.

8. Kentucky already lost to South Carolina. I would have picked the Gamecocks anyway.

9. See #1 above.

10. Oklahoma v. #19 Texas. Won't be close. Oklahoma embarrasses Texas.

11. South Carolina already beat Kentucky.

12. Georgia v. Tennessee. Georgia sends the Vols to sub-500 territory.

13. West Virginia v. Syracuse. WVU runs all over the 'Cuse.

14. Oregon has a bye week.

15. Virginia Tech v. #22 Clemson. Clemson easily wins.

16. Hawaii v. Utah State. Hawaii in a kill.

17. Missouri v. #25 Nebraska. Who really cares? Close game, high scoring, and Nebraska wins.

18. Arizona State v. Washington State. Arizona State has no trouble handling WSU.

19. See #10 above.

20. Cincinnati v. #21 Rutgers. I see Cincy at 6-0.

21. See #20 above.

22. See #15 above.

23. See #4 above.

24. Kansas State v. Kansas. K-State in a romp.

25. See #17 above.

And finally, outside the top 25, Penn State will beat Iowa, because even though Penn State's offense is bad, it's still better than Iowa's.


Grad School Reject said...

Only one contrary pick this week from me - VT takes down Clemson. Now that VT has nothing to lose I think they start taking down ACC opponents.

cuff said...

I had a miserable week. I haven't done the count yet, but I missed quite a few, including the VT Clemson pick.