28 September 2007

It's Friday, so it's College Football picking time...

I thought I might try going against the "Las Vegas Line" on my picks this week for a change. I don't think I'll be doing it again, because it's a pain in the ass. These are spreads taken from espn.com as of Friday early a.m. So here goes nothing:

1. USC (-20.5) v. Washington. USC does not cover the spread.
2. LSU (-41) v. Tulane. LSU will cover.
3. Oklahoma (-23) v. Colorado. Oklahoma covers this spread.
4. Florida (-18) v. Auburn. Florida does not cover this spread.
5. WVU (-7) v. #18 South Florida. WVU covers this spread easily.
6. Cal v. #11 Oregon (-6). Oregon covers.
7. Texas (-14.5) v. Kansas State. Texas does not cover.
8. Ohio State (-24) v. Minnesota. Ohio State covers this spread.
9. Wisconsin (-7.5) v. Michigan State. Wisconsin covers.
10. Rutgers (-18.5) v. Maryland. Rutgers does not cover the spread.
11. See #6 above...
12. BC (-0) v. Mass. For some reason, ESPN doesn't have a line for this game...Oh well, BC crushes Mass by four touchdowns.
13. Clemson (-3) v. Georgia Tech. Clemson doesn't cover. Georgia Tech wins this game.
14. Kentucky (-24) v. Florida Atlantic. Kentucky covers.
15. Georgia (-15) v. Mississippi. Georgia covers.
16. South Carolina (-13.5) v. Mississippi State. South Carolina will cover.
17. Virginia Tech (-18.5) v. North Carolina. V-Tech does not cover.
18. See #5 above...
19. Hawaii (-25) v. Idaho. Hawaii covers.
20. Missouri is idle.
21. Penn State (-3) v. Illinois. Penn State covers.
22. Alabama (-0) v. Florida State. Surely that's a typo. Alabama will kill Florida State.
23. Arizona State (-14.5) v. Stanford. ASU covers the spread.
24. Cincinnati (-14.5) v. San Diego State. Cincinnati does not cover the spread.
25. Nebraska (-21) v. Iowa State. Nebraska does not cover the spread.

And no, I am not taking bets.


Grad School Reject said...

I've got South Florida and Michigan State both pulling huge upsets. With that said - no game this week really gets me excited.

Washington Cube said...

Who has the cutest uniforms?

Momentary Academic said...

I don't understand spreads. So if a team doesn't cover it, does it mean that they are going to lose?

cuff said...

MA: Basically, the spread is the amount of points a team "should" beat another team by. So If PSU is -3 v. Illinois, the bookmakers are saying they should beat Illinois by that much. Generally, to "cover" you have to score more than the spread allows, hence PSU would have to beat Illinois by 4 points. Winning and losing the game is one thing; covering the spread is something only gamblers and bookies care about.

Cube: Penn State, of course.

GSR: I thought about the MSU, but never the South Florida. No way.

Grad School Reject said...

I figure since USF beat WVU last year they can do it again. Then again, I imagine WVU is still pretty PO'd about losing to USF last season.

cuff said...

Damnit, GSR. You were right. WVU went down like a jumbo slice after a night of drinking. Except they didn't come back up.