08 September 2007

Sweet, sweet, victory.

Aside from the final score of Penn State 31 - Notre Dame 10, the sweetest statistic of all was the Notre Dame rushing total: ZERO yards. That's right. Exactly 0 yards on the ground to go with Jimmy Clausen's 143 yards through the air. It's hard to win football games when you can't run the ball at all.

So PSU survived three turnovers to rout the Irish, and I hope Charlie Weis was taking notes when JoePa, leading 31-10, decided against calling a fake punt on a fourth and one situation. It's called class and respect, Charlie. Take notes.

One thing is for certain: when winless Notre Dame takes on winless Michigan, one of them will snap the losing streak.

And proving once again that something in the Ann Arbor air makes Michigan players and fans alike absurdly arrogant, Michigan running back Mike Hart used the Wolverines' devastating loss to Oregon to guarantee victory next week:
Hart predicted the Wolverines won't be winless after hosting Notre Dame.
"I guarantee we win next week," Hart said.
That's classic bulletin board material.


mysterygirl! said...

It's not news that Notre Dame doesn't have an offensive line. When you can sack the quarterback a billionty times, it negates their modest rushing yards. If Notre Dame is this terrible (and maybe they are), Penn State should be embarrassed that they won by only 3 touchdowns.

And admit it: you were sweating after that early TD.

Sweet dreams, my friend.

cuff said...

I was sweating until it was 24-10. I sweat a lot over PSU football.