22 September 2007

Big Surprise.

Yeah. Real Big Surprise. They're mercenaries for f*$k sake. Get this through your head: it's always and only about the money. Once you countenance running private armies for the highest bidder, all bets are off. Jesus Christ, the business model does not apply always and everywhere, you morons. There are very good reasons why things like education, healthcare, and, um, national security should not be measured by profit and loss.


Foilwoman said...

Yeah, and the shooting of unarmed civilians? We're shocked, shocked to discover this has happened on Dubya's watch (the "W" in question apparently stands for "Wha'? You thought I knew what a moral was? Much less a scruple?"). These are the same people that discover, through scientific experimentation, that siblings complete, mothers will defend their young, people like to eat food that tastes good, and the sky is blue. Have I said how much I had Duya and is ugly and evil minions who clearly never, ever got laid in high school* lately?

*Dick Cheney, I am particularly looking at you. Suppressed (or not so suppressed) rage much?

Momentary Academic said...

Business rules the world. And that sucks.