30 September 2007

Yet again, ouch.

You aren't going to win too many games when your quarterback throws three interceptions and then fumbles the ball as well. Hence, PSU went down to Illinois Saturday in what had to be the most frustrating sequel to last week's show of ineptitude in Ann Arbor. It's one thing to lose to Michigan, but it's quite another to lose to Illinois. But so it goes. Here's my record against the spread: 11-10.

Pretty poor. Now in my defense, I'm counting the BC v. UMass game as a loss, even though the spread on espn was being reported as -0, an obvious mistake in my mind. I have no idea what it really was, but it was probably more than ten, so I'm guessing it would have been a loss anyway. The lesson to learn is that you shouldn't mess around with bookies.

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Momentary Academic said...

Maryland won. Wow. I was really impressed with QB2. That's all I have to contribute. :)