11 September 2007

When Oxymoron really involves morons.

[Yes, I know it's 9/11. This post has absolutely nothing to do with terrorist attacks, Osama bin Laden, or BushCo's response to said events.]

Seriously. An Israeli Neo-Nazi ring. Now I've seen stupid, but I think this takes the cake, because it's wrong on so many levels, the first of course being that the original Nazis were sadistic, officious, murderers whose main qualities were good record-keeping and dressing up in fancy uniforms, so there should be little desire to emulate them from any rational being.

The most obvious fallacy of running this particular Israeli neo-nazi ring is that the participants appear to have been Russian immigrants who were there because the Law of Return guarantees citizenship to anyone with a Jewish grandparent. And these morons had Jewish ancestry (and probably lost a few relatives in the Holocaust). WTF. And they weren't very secret about their sympathies, either, apparently:

Boanitov, who was known as "Eli the Nazi", told police: "I won't ever give up. I was a Nazi and I will stay a Nazi, until we kill them all I will not rest." In one conversation recorded by the police, Boanitov tells one of his fellow gang members: "My grandfather was a half-Jewboy. I will not have children so that this trash will not be born with even a tiny per cent of Jewboy blood."

The dude's nickname is "Eli the Nazi." That's what the people in the neighborhood knew him as. In other words, he wasn't like Cheney, trying to cloak his fascist tendencies under the guise of the Republican Party. No, he was "Eli the Nazi." It doesn't get any clearer.

And how about the self-hate? Here the (by fiction of law and custom, to quote Mark Twain) Jewish Nazi first identifies the Jews as "them," and then asserts that his own Jewish blood precludes him from having children. My guess is that logic is not his strong point.

Then of course you have the additional irony that these guys are not only Jewish, but also Russian, and they're emulating the friggin' Nazis, who invaded the Soviet Union and considered the Russians (not to mention the Jews and non-Russian citizens of the Soviet Union) as sub-human, so it gets real dicey. I mean, what tortured logic would bring you to such moronic conclusions that because you're a member of two groups oppressed by the Nazis, you should become one?

OK, so I guess we get back around to the first principle, which is that anyone, and I mean anyone, who finds the Nazis to be role models is basically all fucked up.


Momentary Academic said...

hear, hear.

Foilwoman said...

Just when you think human stupidity and self-loathing can't demonstrate any more clearly why humanity really can't (and shouldn't) be considered the center of the universe, someone comes along and makes it even more clear.