21 September 2007

Real quick, here are the picks.

1. USC v. Washington State. USC wins by probably thirty.
2. LSU v. #12 South Carolina. LSU’s run is ended by the ol’ Ball Coach.
3. Florida v. Mississippi. Florida wins big.
4. Oklahoma v. Tulsa. Over in a flash. Oklahoma runs roughshod over Tulsa.
5. WVU v. East Carolina. Prepare for a closer game than you thought, but WVU still wins by twenty.
6. Cal v. Arizona. It’s in Tucson, but that won’t help as Cal wins.
7. Texas v. Rice. Texas finally has a dominating win.
8. Ohio State v. Northwestern. OSU opens up the Big Ten Season with a win.
9. Wisconsin v. Iowa. Iowa has looked bad, and Wisconsin will win by seventeen.
10. Penn State v. Michigan. UM always gives PSU trouble, but PSU wins 23-17.
11. Does not play.
12. South Carolina v. #2 LSU. Gamecocks take out the Tigers.
13. Oregon v. Stanford. Oregon wins against the PAC-10 doormat.
14. Boston College v. Army. BC has no problems handling this service academy.
15. Clemson v. NC State. For a few years in the early 21st Century, NC State was good. They aren’t anymore. Clemson in a kill.
16. Alabama v. #22 Georgia. Two great games in the SEC this week. Georgia comes away with the win.
17. Virginia Tech v. 1AA William and Mary. V-Tech has no trouble beating up on this cupcake.
18. Louisville v. Syracuse. Louisville in a romp against the Big East doormat.
19. Hawaii v. Charleston Southern. Umm…Hawaii wins. At least C-S gets a nice weekend in Hawaii.
20. Texas A&M already lost to Miami.
21. Kentucky v. Arkansas. Arkansas beats no-defense Kentucky.
22. Georgia v. #16 Alabama. Georgia wins.
23. South Florida v. North Carolina. South Florida stays in the rankings another week by beating UNC.
24. Nebraska v. Ball State. This game will be over by the end of the 1st quarter. Nebraska in a rout.
25. Missouri v. Illinois State. Missouri puts the misery in Illinois State (get it?)

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