16 September 2007

College Football Week 3 roundup.

So the end of Saturday's action saw me with an 18-3 record in the Top 25 matchups (and 2-0 outside the Top 25), not bad if I do say so myself. And I do. I'll not dwell on the mistakes (Hawaii v. UNLV game, ahem), but rather draw everyone's attention to the fantastic pick I made with Kentucky over Louisville. More close to home, the Big Ten is looking ugly, with Minnesota losing to Florida Atlantic University (WTF?) and Iowa losing to Big 12 punching bag Iowa State. Sure, there are three Big Ten teams in the top ten (Wisconsin, Ohio State, and Penn State), but I'm starting to wonder more and more about Wisconsin's program following its close call to UNLV last week and it's less than impressive win over the Citadel this week.

Michigan State beat Pitt and Michigan walloped Notre Dame. Now you really have to wonder about Notre Dame, because in Michigan's two previous games, the Wolverines gave up over 30 points per game; Notre Dame couldn't hang a single point on them. Likewise the Wolverine offense, which was nowhere to be found against Oregon, lit up the Fighting Irish defense. That should give Michigan a boost going into their upcoming game against the undefeated Penn State Nittany Lions who damn well better win in Ann Arbor after having been robbed there a few times over the years.


Grad School Reject said...

I'm calling Michigan over PSU, but this is mostly because my wife is a Wolverine who has trained her Div. III husband into chanting "Go Blue."

Foilwoman said...

Um, I don't care at all, and certainly have no ability to opine. I hope a team that makes you feel all manly and like your life is worthwhile wins, although you are obviously above such nonsense, you'll still feel good about it. Is that OK?

cuff said...

GSR: You should modify that chant to "Go Blue and White." Or maybe, if PSU is winning toward the end of the game, start chanting, "We are..."

Foilwoman: I can honestly say that the only team whose success or lack thereof has a major impact on my mood is Penn State's football team. It's too bad it never seems to improve my manliness, though.