07 September 2007

If it's Friday, it's College Football Predictions.

OK. We have a few more interesting matchups this week than we had last week, but really it takes about three or four weeks before the top 25 is really settled and we have some good matchups and better ideas of where teams belong. After Louisville's performance on Thursday, I look to them to either stay put or drop a rank or two. Here are the rest of the top 25 matchups and predictions:

1. USC takes the week off.

2. LSU v. #9 Virginia Tech. Vtech won't know what hit them. LSU goes Katrina on their ass.

3. WVU v. Marshall. WVU continues to feast on steady diet of cupcakes.

4. Florida v. Troy. Troy is not to be confused with Trojans, as in USC. Florida routs this punching bag.

5. Oklahoma v. Miami. In a battle of two schools with storied thuggish programs, OU will win big. BTW, OK and Wisc are technically both #5 in the AP poll...

6. Wisconsin v. UNLV. Huh? Wisconsin will send this squad back to their homes in tears.

7. Texas v. #19 TCU. TCU wins a shocker in Austin.

8. Louisville v. Middle Tennessee State University. Louisville won, but not very convincingly.

9. V Tech v. #2 LSU. LSU wins big.

10. Cal v. Colorado State. Cal shows no let up and handles C-State easily.

11. Georgia v. South Carolina. I'd love to pick SC in this one, but I can't. Bulldogs beat Gamecocks.

12. Ohio State v. Akron. Akron has a good program, but OSU has a better and more criminal one. OSU wins by two touchdowns and some change.

13. UCLA v. Brigham Young. UCLA wins big at home.

14. Penn State v. Notre Dame. PSU wins big. Charlie Weis starts to rethink whether being an asshole who fake punts even when his team is winning big is really a great way to live.

15. Rutgers v. Navy. Rutgers will sink Navy.

16. Nebraska v. Wake Forest. Nebraska rolls against a weak ACC team.

17. Auburn v. South Florida. Auburn wins, but closer than it should be.

18. Arkansas doesn't play this week.

19. TCU v. #7 Texas. Hit the Road, Mack. TCU upsets Texas.

20. Hawaii v. La. Tech. Hawaii continues its victory march.

21. Georgia Tech v. Samford. GTech woops up on Samford.

22. Boise State v. Washington. Washington upsets Boise State. Yes, I said it.

23. Texas A&M v. Fresno State. Fresno State stuns the Aggies.

24. Tennessee v. Southern Miss. Tennessee recovers and soundly beats So Miss.

25. Clemson v. Louisiana-Monroe. Clemson in a laugher.

Here's what's happening in the Big 10 outside the top 25:

Michigan will top Oregon, and if they don't Lloyd Carr will be dragged from the field and beaten severely by crazed Wolverine fans.

In my mind, that game is the only one that a Big 10 team might lose on Saturday, and pity Carr if UM loses again, at home.

And in a totally unrelated note, tomorrow is the opening of DC Stoddert Soccer, so my weekends will be even busier this fall (and I can't wait until t-ball starts up next week, either...)

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Grad School Reject said...

Damn - I came here ready to declare the Washington upset over Boise St. and you already had it picked. That QB for Washington is going to raise some eyebrows this season.