13 September 2007

At least some cultural signs point in positive directions.

The Daily Collegian is reporting that fraternity recruitment numbers at Penn State are down this year, which could mean that these hotbeds of elitism, sexism, and racism are finding it more difficult to attract drones.

Oh if only it were so.

It seems these organizations that tend to divide themselves along racial, class, and even religious lines had a surge of enrollment when they sent out blast invitations using facebook; this year facebook is apparently preventing such mass solicitation abuse, much to the chagrin of the Greek recruiters.

But wait, wait, you say. They aren't just about "poling" people and inducing alcohol poisoning during pledge hazing and providing fertile grounds for date rape...the Greek organizations do so much good...look at the money they raise for charity. And it's true. They do raise money for charity, but do you think a single recruit has ever joined a fraternity based upon the charitable deeds of that organization? Plenty of groups raise money for charities without organizing themselves along reactionary lines.

Besides, Scientologists handing out free cookies at their free personality test screenings doesn't distract me from the fact that the cult's actual purpose is to bilk adherents out of as much money as possible.

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