23 September 2007


Well, I got my comeuppance big time this weekend, with Penn State taking a loss against Michigan in the Big House. That makes nine straight, through thick and thin, that the Wolverines have laid on the Nittany Lions.

In scores of other games, my entire Top 25 success streak ended this weekend as well. I was 17-4, which doesn't look so bad, except that I called the games almost all entirely wrong. Here's what I said about the Nebraska v. Ball State game:
24. Nebraska v. Ball State. This game will be over by the end of the 1st quarter. Nebraska in a rout.

Actually, it was Nebraska coming from behind to salvage a win, 41-40. Hardly a rout. I also believed Florida would "win big" over Mississippi, and they won 30-24, which is not "big" in anyone's book, and thought Wisconsin would beat Iowa by seventeen, when in reality the final was 17-13.

Of course, I'd have happily lost all but one, so long as the one was the Penn State v. Michigan game. Sadly, now I have to wait until October 18, 2008, for the Lions' next shot at UM and some redemption.


Grad School Reject said...

A little late getting to this one, but I thought I would share the following conversation I had with my wife (the U of M alum):

Me - So, are you excited your team beat Penn State?

Wife - Who? Huh? No. We always beat them...we have to focus on Ohio State even though they are weeks away.

cuff said...

Ouch. But I don't blame UM for focusing on OSU...they haven't beaten them very much since Tressel took over...