10 September 2007

College Football Week #2 Post Mortem

First, the record: 16-4.

Of those four losses, I blame myself for not trusting my gut and picking South Carolina over perenially over-rated Georgia, and I have to say that Fresno State almost came through in the end, taking Texas A&M to three overtimes before faltering. Gutsy call by Texas A&M, by the way, going for the two point conversion in that third overtime. I thought the Auburn game would be close, but I thought Auburn would win. My bad there. TCU v. Texas looked good the first half, but TCU's second half collapse left Texas with a convincing victory.

I'm concerned for my Big Ten conference, though. Wisconsin looked very sluggish against UNLV, taking the game down to the wire. Michigan once again looked like very sick puppies (yet on their message board, unbelievably, they're still talking about winning the Big Ten). Ohio State didn't really impress against Akron, especially in the first half. Even the Post is onto it.

I was also thinking about the local college football scene and realizing that since none of the DC schools actually play any real football, University of Maryland is the only game in town, and they're not much game as it is. Navy, in Annapolis, is the next closest D-1 team (and this year probably the next best within 120 miles), but no one speaks their name in the same breath as "top 25" unless Notre Dame is having a good year. Charlottesville is an agonizing one and a half hours away, so they're about as local as Temple, and Blacksburg is so ridiculously remote, you might as well consider the Mountaineers, Rutgers, or even Penn State a "local" team. In fact, given the quality of the teams the Post currently considers "local," I wouldn't be surprised to see them start to claim WVU...


Momentary Academic said...

Haha. If WVU bowls over Maryland, the post will spin it somehow that WVU is a part of their readership area.

Grad School Reject said...

Are you already predicting a Washington victory over Ohio St.? That team has looked good coming out of the gate.

cuff said...

MA: Why not? Morgantown's about the same as Blacksburg.

GSR: I am not. I believe OSU will win over Washington based on their defense.