14 September 2007

College Football Week 3 Pick 'Em.

We must protect this house....yeah, right. Ralph Friedgen came in to Maryland, revitalized a moribund program, and promptly fell off the edge of the earth after a few years. Now they go down to a resurgent WVU program that under Rich Rodriguez has enjoyed a few very good years. I honestly don't know what the deal is with Maryland football, other than the fact that the ACC has traditionally been a basketball conference (which is why Bowden was so eager to get into the conference and pad his win totals).

But enough of the pre-weekend game. Let's talk Saturday.

1. USC v. 14 Nebraska. Ooh, this'll be a good one. USC wins, though.
2. LSU v. Middle Tennessee State. 3rd week in a row for LSU to play a cupcake team. They romp.
3. Oklahoma v. Utah State. Oklahoma in a rout.
4. WVU already beat Maryland.
5. Florida v. #22 Tennessee. I don't know how good Florida is, but I know Tennessee isn't. Florida wins by a few touchdowns. Let's say 20 points.
6. Texas v. UCF. Texas gets another shaky win.
7. Wisconsin v. Citadel. Are you kidding me? The Big Ten non-conference schedule is an embarrassment. Wisconsin thrashes Citadel.
8. Cal v. Louisiana Tech. Cal isn't Hawaii, and Cal will have this game well in hand by the half.
9. Louisville v. Kentucky. Neither team has any defense, but Louisville is bound for a fall. Kentucky wins this one.
10. Ohio State v. Washington. A tight game, but Ohio State's D is the difference. OSU wins.
11. UCLA v. Utah. UCLA already beat the only (halfway) decent team from Utah. UCLA wins.
12. PSU v. Buffalo. PSU wins a game versus an opponent they should be embarrassed to have scheduled.
13. Rutgers v. Norfolk State. Rutgers in a route against a team no one knew existed.
14. Nebraska v. #1 USC. USC wins.
15. Georgia Tech v. #21 BC. BC will win this game.
16. Arkansas v. Alabama. Please. Alabama wins this game easily.
17. South Carolina v. South Carolina State. South Carolina routs in state punching bag.
18. Virginia Tech v. Ohio. Va. Tech wins this game, but their offense will not impress.
19. Oregon v. Fresno State. I am taking Fresno State for the second week in a row.
20. Clemson v. Furman. Clemson in a kill.
21. BC v. #15 G-Tech. BC upsets Georgia Tech.
22. Tennessee v. #5 Florida. Florida wins big.
23. Georgia v. West Carolina. UGa wins. No surprise here.
24. Hawaii v. UNLV. Hawaii was unimpressive v. La. Tech; UNLV was impressive v. Wisconsin. I give this game to UNLV.
25. Texas A&M v. Louisiana-Monroe. A&M should have no problem putting away this tomato can.

Outside the top 25, people are talking about the Michigan v. Notre Dame game, since both schools have such storied, successful programs and both are 0-2 this year, which is seriously unheard of. And one will be 0-3 after Saturday. That one will be Notre Dame. The other unranked matchup in the Big 10 of interest is the Michigan State v. Pitt game; neither team has played anyone recognizable, but I give MSU the edge based on the home turf.


Grad School Reject said...

Here come my contrary picks:

Washington beat Ohio St (screw Jim Tressle)

Oregon beats Fresno State.

G. Tech beats BC by 10.

Hawaii comes back big vs. UNLV - wins by 14+

Blue Dog Art said...

I went to Happy Valley last week for the game. I can't even begin to tell you how cool it was to see the white-out when you walked into Beaver Stadium. The victory was definitely SWEET!

It will definitely be interesting to see the outcome of the Michigan v. ND. Will Michigan go 0-4 at home?

Blue Dog Art said...

Oh yeah, Buffalo is no worse than Youngstown State last year. (Half my high school went to YSU and the other half to Slippery Rock). Maybe we can get SRU next year?

cuff said...

BDA: Slimy Pebble! Wow. We could be like Ohio State and play a bunch of in-state cupcakes (other than Temple): SRU, Shippensburg, IUP...why not? I would have loved to have been at the PSU ND game. My brother (a Pitt graduate) went up there to tailgate, but didn't get tickets...

GSR: Those are all good picks. I still think my Ohio State pick is solid, but the Oregon could go either way. I'm focusing on the letdown theory. The BC-Gtech for me is a sheer guess, and the Hawaii game is all about their road fatigue and lack of stellar play in Louisiana...