12 September 2007

On the front lines of the useful idiots.

It seems like only a few days ago I was posting about the idiots in Israel who were running their own neo-nazi ring. In Israel. Oh, that's right, it was only a few days ago. So not to be outdone, we here in the good old U S of A have come up with our own freakshow, the West Virginia White Supremacists.

Now I'm not so naive as to think white supremacists are only in West Virginia, are only in rural areas, or are only a collection of derelicts that look like they're about one hit away from an overdose. Some of the best white supremacists wear some of the best suits...

However, this collection of six slop-eaters are not going to be seen around a boardroom or a pseudo-scientific racist conference such as put on by the "American Renaissance" group. No, these are your stormtroopers of the white supremacist movement, the useful idiots whom the more refined bigots plan to strain out of the gene pool once they've taken over and established a kingdom based on white racial purity. In other words, our West Virginia Six are dead ends in the white supremacist gene pool.

And remember, these are just six who got caught...


Reya Mellicker said...

I think the longing for purity is common in all humans. It's related to survival instincts some way or another (one of my unsubstantiated theories). People cluster into groups who all yearn for the same kind of purity.

The shape that longing takes makes all the difference in terms of whether a certain group is dangerous or not.

Groups that come together so they can pursue tribal purity can never endure, though, because there is no such thing as purity.

It is scary, though, because those groups are always so destructive.

Momentary Academic said...

Did you hear that things are a little more complicated now that it has been determined that one of the men dated the girl who was so horribly abused?

Man. What a world.

cuff said...

Yeah, that complicates matters, doesn't it? Makes it even more crazy, almost as crazy as the Jewish-descent Israeli Neo-Nazis...talk about contradictions.