12 October 2007

I'm not going out on a limb on this prediction...

Al Gore has just won the Nobel Peace Prize. Prepare yourselves for an onslaught of right-wing outrage both at Al Gore and the Nobel committee, whom they will accuse of being politically correct idiots.

I remember the same sort of dustup when Dario Fo, an Italian playwright, won the literature prize back in the 1990's: it wasn't good enough for the Wall Street Journal's editorial page to slam Fo and the Nobel committee; no, they even went after previous winner Toni Morrison, arguing that her work was undeserving and she never would have won the prize if not for political correctness.

Seriously, they don't give it a rest. Even after V.S. Naipaul won the prize in 2001, they had to kick at Toni Morrison again (God forbid a Black woman be able to write in such a way that teaches us about life...), with Tunku Varadarajan opining that Naipaul's win was a shocker, since the Nobel committee "whose record shows a marked bias in favor of the liberal and the leftist, not to mention the meretricious--one that has given us such tawdry laureates as Dario Fo and Toni Morrison" finally chose a writer who had recently spent his time bashing homosexual writers like E.M. Forster.

Their fellow travellers over at the New Criterion are just as bad, lamenting in 2004 about the poor choices the Nobel committee has made recently, in their eyes. The New Criterion. Seriously, does anyone read that rag? It's like a nostalgia theme park for wanna-be literary and culture critics, like a Busch Gardens The Olde Country for the arts. Hear Ye Hear Ye, watch ye olde privileged males and token female or two partake of the ancient art of lamenting the impending demise of our culture! A fantastic show, constantly renewed and never ever correct!

STFU, right wing losers.

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Grad School Reject said...

Given this logic you may as well throw Doris Lessing in with Al Gore for getting booed/hissed. I am sure she will be considered too feminist for someone's liking.