10 October 2007

Midweek day off.

Just to recap: today at 7 p.m. you could catch Richard Russo at Politics and Prose or Brock Clarke at Olsson's in Dupont Circle. Both talks, I'm sure, will be full of dark humor.

In other news, my son was off school yesterday since DCPS was having the parent teacher conference day, and after we received a glowing review of our second-grader, during which we were told he was a "pleasure to have in class," we went to lunch. Then my wife went back to work and I took the child to Air and Space Museum, where I broke down and took him on the flight simulator that the museum has taking up one of their galleries. It is an absolute piece of shit. The screen is fuzzy and the "simulation" is pretty crappy. Half the time it simply appears that you're watching the plane in 3rd person, rather than riding in it (caveat: this ride was the $7 ride simulator, not the $8 "interactive"). I had a more realistic simulation experience at the espnzone, where they've got a roller coaster simulator that costs far less. Seriously, the screen was so old and nasty, the company's name was burned into the screen.

After that enjoyable experience, it was off to the National Gallery of Art, where we managed to see the Hopper show again, this time without a 2.5 year old and the weekend throngs. I am simply enthralled by his watercolors, some of which are huge, and all of which have those same strong lines and contrasts that isolate everything in his oil paintings.

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Momentary Academic said...

That's it. I am SO taking off a morning to go and see the exhibit.