15 July 2005

Things I've observed from the small circle of blogs I check

So after several months of scrutinizing DC blogdom, or at least a small slice of it, I've come away with these perceptions:

1. Everyone has more disposable income than they can spend.
2. Everyone -- and I mean everyone -- hangs out in the VIP rooms of bars and lounges across DC.
3. Amendment to #2: Everyone goes to about four different places repeatedly.
4. Everyone attends Gold Cup and anything else with a Cup behind it.

This is a world unfamiliar to me.

Caveat: Everyone is obviously not everyone.

My income is generally spoken for the moment it is deposited into the bank.

I have never been in a VIP room and I'm fairly certain I've never been in a club that had a VIP room (except maybe a few times I was at 18th Street Lounge. Don't know if they have a VIP room).

The places I made several repeat trips to back in the day: Common Share, Nanny O'Briens, Brickskeller, Fox and Hounds (I'm fairly certain I spent almost a third of 1993/94 there), Black Cat, City Blues Cafe (defunct).

I couldn't give a rat's ass about Gold Cup, Courage Cup, or anyone else's cup. Unless it's the Stanley Cup.

Catciao is prolific and on top of things. He should have more readers/comments.
Governess is pretty much right on.

I think I need to branch out my blog reading.


catherine said...

yeah, branching out is a good idea. check the blogroll at pygmalion - it's got most of my favorite local blogs on it. including mine, of course.

cupcakegrrl said...

i've been lurking in this world for a while and you are a sane voice in the cacaphony. like the kid who said 'ping' (or whatever) instead of "we are here/we are here/we are here" in horton hears a who.

Patrick J. Fitzgerald said...

I hope there is a cure for prolific, because in my case it is too often confused/or associated with perverted, pompous, prepubescent and poor...and alas the much vaunted VIP rope/ropeless CUPs are only a tease if you cannot imbibe the VSOP or have kids for money better spent and companionship better well kept - we are rich my friend :)

A Unique Alias said...

Don't forget the Athletic Support Cup 2006. It's coming up soon, and all the proceeds go to charity.

cuff said...

Ah, the athletic support cup. I don't get around to those so much anymore.

Thanks cupcakegrrl if the comments were directed my way. If not, well, that's ok too.

catciao - yeah the pygmalion site is always a nice read.

cupcakegrrl said...

yes, they were directed to you my friend. and you're welcome.

Patrick J. Fitzgerald said...

MAss leaves the best comments ever. Are u ty, tyvm too?

cuff said...

What does ty and tyvm stand for?

Patrick J. Fitzgerald said...


cuff said...

No, I'm not elvis. Just me.

The Governess said...

I just caught this little compliment, thanks.

(And I can honestly say I have never been in a VIP situation. Ever. Is that good or bad?)