30 June 2005

The Evens at Fort Reno Tonight

Barring a weather disaster, I plan on attending the Fort Reno show tonight featuring The Evens and the Routineers [Full disclosure: Ian MacKaye is one half of the Evens and his sister Amanda MacKaye is one of the Routineers]. If you've never been to a Fort Reno show, you should get to one soon. It's laid back, it's free, and it's right off the Tenleytown Metro stop. Sure, most of the time the bands are little known outside inner inner hipster circles, but more well known (less lesser known?) locals like Monopoli are playing July 14th and Q and Not U are playing July 18th. Del Cielo will probably be a good show, too.

Check the schedule out, because there are still dates to be filled and who knows who might play...

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Washington Cube said...

It's outdoors, and it's local bands. What's not to like? :D