07 June 2005

Walking in the Heat

So the doctor tells me to stay off my bike for ten days (I've got four days to go), which means I'm walking or busing. Mainly walking. It's not bad, though, because I've been able to use my iPod, which generally only gets use in the car. This morning for instance, I ventured back to Massive Attack's Blue Lines. Still exquisite. Although I noticed that there's a crackle in the left "ear bud" that gives me a good excuse to ditch those things.

Yesterday afternoon, though, in the sticky heat, I trudged up New Hampshire to Dupont Circle because I wanted to pick up some photos at MotoPhoto. Somewhere between 20th/New Hampshire and Q/Connecticut, my jeans decided to cling to me, which made every step annoying. But that's sort of beside the point. I was listening yesterday afternoon to Malkmus's debut "solo" album...full of gems like "Black Book" and "Jenny and the Ess-Dog."

So the iPod is getting some use. Today I was smart enough to bring a pair of shorts to change into after work.

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DC Girls said...

An iPod is a useful gadget. And you can't go wrong with Massive Attack. I was listening to Mezzanine on the metro today.