08 June 2005

File Under: No Shit Sherlock

So the Post is reporting that liberal Democrats (I wasn't aware there were many of these left) are "rethinking" the infamous compromise that kept Frist from trying to scuttle the Filibuster rules. It shows an incredible poverty of leadership and foresight on the part of Democrats that they even agreed to the compromise to begin with. For those of you too lazy to read the Post article, here's a summary of the compromise: The Democrats gave up their right to use the time-worn tradition of the filibuster to block extremist judges. The Republicans gave up their support for Senator Frist's proposal to dismantle Senate tradition.

This so-called compromise can be summed up by the following analogy: on the playground, Billy threatens to punch Andy in the arm if he doesn't give him his lunch money; Andy decides to make a scene in hopes to attract attention; Billy and Andy then compromise: Billy removes his threat so long as Andy doesn't make a scene and gives up his lunch money peacefully.

Let me repeat for all Democratic Party Operatives who monitor my statements so closely: You are all morons if you think you can negotiate with extremists. George Bush is looking to dismantle as much of the common good as he can, and he only has 8 years total to do it. If you keep acting as you have been, by 2008 we will be looking at a rollback in history to pre-Teddy Roosevelt days. Environmental laws? Gone. The Middle Class? Gone. If you goddamn idiots want the two Americas to consist of exclusive gated communities and dilapidated scrapheaps, then keep it up.

Here's a juicy tidbit from dear Judge Brown:
"Where government moves in, community retreats, civil society disintegrates. . .
. When government advances . . . freedom is imperiled, civilization itself [is]

In other words, the rule of law means shit. Or more fully, laissez faire and damn the 95% who don't own everything.

As I've said before, what these libertarian morons don't understand is that government is what ensures the existence of civil society -- without government there is no social contract, there is no belief -- true or false -- in an impartial arbiter of the common good. As Willy Yeats said, "Things fall apart, the center cannot hold; mere anarchy is loosed upon the world." These idiots think they're living in some kind of market utopia, where the losers will obviously bow to the logic of the market and go quietly to their graves. Sorry, Milton, but it won't work this way.

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