05 June 2005

Malkmus at Black Cat: Post Game Report

Holy crap I survived the zombie-inculcating opening act to witness a beautiful Steve Malkmus and the Jicks show. Seriously, the opening act was this band called Paik that claimed they were from Detroit. They're giving that city a bad name. Pointless noise and endless "songs." Their website claims they "undertook the quest for new and unexplored soundscapes using whatever means necessary." I hate to tell them this, but there's nothing unexplored about playing power chords and letting the guitar feedback. Thankfully the guitarist's amp blew out and they had to quit early.

Malkmus was his usual sardonic self and the band was tight. I gotta get to bed right now because I'm mighty tired and will get no chance to sleep in. He tossed some nuggets to the local crowd with name checking on Gilbert Arenas and also a short reference to the Nationals. It would have been nice if he'd have tied that one into a Jicksified version of Pavement's "Major Leagues," but no such luck.

I merched out: new CD and shirt. Saw the members of Paik manning their own merch table and I avoided eye contact. Christ they were awful. Really, I may need another post just on how thoroughly shitty they were.

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