23 June 2005

I'm celebrating 8 years.

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary. My wife and I hit Sushi Ko in Glover Park where I discovered I really didn't like chilled sweet sake. Should have gone for the dry stuff.

Afterwards, we wandered up Wisconsin a bit, to the Guy Mason ballfield where an SEIU softball team was taking on some other team under the lights. Some drunk woman was leaving the bleachers with what I presume was her boyfriend. She got involved in some discussion with two men that was inaudible until she blurted out, "It wasn't nice of him to say I enjoy anal sex, because I don't."

As her boyfriend/pickup/whatever hailed a cab, she stood in the curb lane and half bent over while looking at the two men. "I don't enjoy anal sex...at least not with strangers," she continued.

We walked on by and crossed the street for some ice cream. Not bad. In fact, pretty damn good.

For anyone else who got out last night, you know what a great evening it was, with that fat moon glowing amber through threads of clouds. Beautiful.


Rock Creek Rambler said...

Congrats! And for the record, I don't enjoy anal sex with strangers either.

Patrick J. Fitzgerald said...

Happy Anniversary! Yes, anal sex is best enjoyed judiciously, and usually not on the first date.

cuff said...

Or on the middle of Wisconsin Avenue.