01 June 2005

One of the best things about the revelation that Mark Felt, former #2 at the FBI, is "Deep Throat" is that we get to revisit the weird world that is Richard Nixon's White House. Here's a juicy tidbit from that freak's self-incriminating tapes:

"Is he Catholic?" Nixon asked. Told by Haldeman that Felt was Jewish, Nixon
replied, "[Expletive], [the bureau] put a Jew in there?" To which Haldeman
responded, "Well, that could explain it."

Contrary to their belief, Felt is not Jewish. [from the WashPost]

Ah, feel the love. Being Catholic or Jewish can explain a lot...I suppose Nixon was speculating at first that Felt may have been acting on orders from the Pope, but Haldeman nipped that in the bud by revealing he was obviously an agent of Israel.

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