24 June 2005

Redefining Success

Oh sweet Jesus we're all in trouble now. Dick Cheney, who a few weeks ago declared the Iraqi insurgency was in its "last throes," explains what he really meant:
"We will succeed in Iraq, just like we did in Afghanistan," he said. [cnn.com]

You mean the kind of success where you can't travel outside of the capital city? The kind of success that means a continued military presence? The kind of success in which the US military is still engaged in fierce fighting with the supposedly vanquished Taleban?

Is Cheney channelling George Orwell? Or has his pacemaker shortcircuited his brain?


asia said...

He is thinking his pacemaker is powerful enough to have short circuited your brain.

Patrick J. Fitzgerald said...

Note to self: Send Dick a lovely gift basket of microwave popcorn for the holidayz.